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Gauge Root Valves Primary Isolation

M5K root valves are available in two standard designs, multi-port with three instrument/vent connections and also a unique dual-port design for primary isolation on gauge or orifice tap applications.

(M5K, M5AK, M5YK; M5K; M5AK; M5YK)

All root valves have a four bolt outside screw and yoke (OS&Y) bonnet design for added strength and reliability and comply with the ANSI B31.1 codes

Features & Benefits:

  • Four-bolt outside screw and yoke (OS&Y) bonnet provides easy access to the packing gland. Stem threads are completely isolated from the process. True 4-bolt design.
  • Protective stem bellows and cap protects against atmospheric contamination and increases the valve life. Bellows and cap help contain stem lubricant (unlike most OS&Y designs) which reduces possible thread galling.
  • Compact design requires minimum space for operation and installation. Lower valve weight improves strength at the process connection and reduces induced bending moments.
  • Multi-port outlet means fewer fittings, fewer leak points, and reduced installation cost.
  • Standard SS investment cast yoke improves valve life by resisting corrosion. Material used is A351-CF8M.
  • Single-piece yoke design means binding of the stem does not occur as with OS&Y bonnets that use bolts to hold and position the yoke.
  • GRAFOIL® or Teflon® flange gasket ring offers wide compatibility to process fluids without deteriorating flange gasket (bonnet-to-body).
  • Non-rotating plug design (M5AK) provides bubble-tight valve closure without metal seat galling and low seating torque.
  • Free-swiveling ball end stem design (M5K, M5YK) makes for bubble-tight valve closure without seat galling.
  • Integral hard back seat (M5K, M5YK) protects against stem blowout and provides alternate sealing for longer packing life.
  • Replaceable, roddable soft seat design (M5K, M5AK) can be specified with the time-proven bubble-tight seat with a fully roddable, bi-directional flow. Standard for the M5K - soft seat orifice diameter is ¼” [6.4 mm] and standard for the M5AK is 3/8” [9.5 mm].

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