1500# SS Ball Valve 3pc Model 320

A superior quality, rugged, and universal multi-purpose valve for all fluids, slurries, semi-solids, and corrosive services in endless industrial, chemical, petrochemical, power, and original equipment applications

The valve body can only be assembled one way, therefore eliminating all the bolt, nut, and washer problems that most manufacturers experience, and is invaluable in difficult-to-reach locations or tight spaces.

  • Weld-In-Place design feature is OPTIONAL
  • SuperTek seats standard
  • Relief holes in seats relieve pressure past the upstream seat
  • Swing-out body design
  • Full port
  • 1500 WOG
  • Connections: NPT, SW, BW, 150 Flanged, TK
  • Cap screws insure precise alignment of the valve body
  • Sizes 1/4 to 4″Carbon Steel and 316SS
  • ISO-Mount type automation

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