A ball valve is a valve with a spherical disc, the part of the valve which controls the flow through it. The sphere has a hole, or port, through the middle so that when the port is in line with both ends of the valve, flow will occur. When the valve is closed, the hole is perpendicular to the ends of the valve, and flow is blocked. The handle or lever will be inline with the port position letting you “see” the valve’s position. The ball valve, along with the butterfly valve and plug valve, are part of the family of quarter turn valves.

Ball valves are durable and usually work to achieve perfect shutoff even after years of disuse. They are therefore an excellent choice for shutoff applications (and are often preferred to globe valves and gate valves for this purpose). They do not offer the fine control that may be necessary in throttling applications but are sometimes used for this purpose.

Ball valves are used extensively in industrial applications because they are very versatile, supporting pressures up to 1000 bar and temperatures up to 482°F (250°C). Sizes typically range from 0.2 to 11.81 inches (0.5 cm to 30 cm). They are easy to repair and operate.

The body of ball valves may be made of metal, plastic or metal with a ceramic center. The ball is often chrome plated to make it more durable.

1500# SS Ball Valve 3pc Model 320

A superior quality, rugged, and universal multi-purpose valve for all fluids, slurries, semi-solids, and corrosive services in endless industrial, chemical, petrochemical, power, and original equipment applications The valve body can

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Conval Camseal Ball Valve

Conval Camseal® Ball Valves are designed for the world’s most demanding high-pressure, high-temperature applications. Metal Seat |Zero Leakage |Top Entry | ISO – 5211 Integral Mounting Pad Industry’s Lowest Life

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Flo-Tite 3 pc Full Bore Ball Valve

Economical design ideal for chemical, textile, process and contractor markets where quality and price is a major consideration. Flo-Tite’s standard unique body bolting and 1500 WOG pressure ratings are standard

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FPS 88 Series Valves

FPS 88 Series Valves ensure safety, reliability, and ease of maintenance. The valve features a three-piece body for ease of inline maintenance without breaking the piping connection and is available

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FPS 90D Series Valves

FPS 90D Series Valves ensure safety, reliability, and ease of maintenance. The valve features a two-piece split body design and is available with 150lb. or 300lb. flanges, in sizes ½”

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Trunnion Ball Valve

ValPro trunnion ball valves are offered in 2 PC side entry, or 3 PC side entry with welded body and top entry design in a wide range of carbon and stainless steel materials.

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Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

TM Series valves are available for piggable service – special pig launcher designs! 1, 2, or 3-piece construction available in the following body materials: WCB, A105, LCB, LF2, CF3, CF8M

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