Offshore Valve Services

Flotech has a successful history of providing high-quality valve services and support to our offshore and marine industry customers.

We provide a full range of valve and actuation services to meet the specific needs and national board requirements for the offshore oil and gas business.

Providing high-quality, industry-leading valve brands, the technical support to mount actuation/controls and the ability to remove problem valves keeps you focused on operating your platform with greater efficiency and reducing unplanned downtime.

At Flotech our valve service teams excel at offshore safety valve testing/repair, have a safety-first culture and decades of experience with valves across a broad spectrum of industry applications.

Flotech has established a reputation for getting the work done safely and efficiently.

Contact us today to discuss your offshore valve service requirements.

Offshore Valve Testing, Repair, Service- All Brands

Pressure relief valve repair, Safety and relief valve field inspection and testing
Line Valve Repair:

  • Gate valve
  • Globe valve
  • Butterfly valve
  • Ball valve
  • Check valve
  • Plug valve

Control Valve Diagnostics and Repair
Tank vent repair
Section I and Section VIII in-line valve testing and repair
Field service and repair support around the clock
Maintenance and operator training
Steam trap surveys, diagnostics and repair
Actuation and controls sizing, calibration and repair
Valve and piping modifications