Digester Capping Valve Repair

Flotech specializes in the repair and re-manufacturing of many rotary valve products (Metso | Neles | Jamesbury) for the Paper and Pulp Industry including automated ball, butterfly, relief, control and capping valves.Repairing capping valves back to original tolerances is crucial for safety, trouble free operation of the automated filling of wood chips in the digester and continued service life of the equipment.

Digester Capping Valve – Resurfacing the Ball

Part of the capping valve repair process includes:

  • Photograph and document existing condition.
  • Replace all soft goods in capping valve and actuator.  Use only OEM repair kits.
  • Inspect, repair or replace stellite seat ring as needed.
  • Sand and lap existing seat to the other side of the ball.
  • If the capping valve ball is damaged, we strip it , grind it and plate the ball.
  • Rebuild the jammer
  • Replace Bellville washers/springs in lifting device as needed.
  • PZ model inspect stem bearings.  PX older model, inspect inner and outer bearings.
  • Install capping valve jammer and adjust
  • Test digester capping valve to bubble tight with air and water.
  • Valve will be rebuilt to original specifications.
  • Provide test report of hydro/seat testing, bubble tight, and all work performed.

Two year warranty provided