HBE ARC Valves

At HBE we make products that make a difference. We are a primary global supplier of Automatic Recirculating Valves.

Since our first valve was manufactured and installed in 1984, HBE products have helped make the basic materials we depend on every day. Our ARC valves are part of the process for refining petroleum, processing raw materials for pharmaceuticals and plastics, milling the paper for magazines and newspapers, and delivering utility services, just to name a few. These essentials are stronger, safer, purer, and more available because they are produced using HBE products.

HBE Engineering designs and manufactures valves in sizes ranging from ASME Class 150 to 2500 and rated for 1 inch to 30-inch inlet/outlet sizes. These valves are capable of handling main flow demands up to 40,000 gpm.