Vent Tech

International Valve has engineered and introduced to the US market a new Combination Water and Sewage Air Relief Valve. This patent pending air valve offers significant advancements in multi-orifice air relief valve technology. These valves are available from Flotech, Inc.

The Vent-Tech Combination Air Release Valve is an engineer’s first choice when a valve needs to be specified or installed, based upon performance.  All Vent-Tech valves have full port entrance/exit orifices. All Vent-Tech valves have, as standard, automatic surge control. All Vent Tech SWG sewage valves are 304SS with optional 316SS and special formulated interior grease-resistant lining. All Vent Tech WTR water valves are available in mild steel epoxy coated with a stainless body, with options of all 304SS or 316SS.

Vent Tech, similar to Vent-O-Mat,  provides reliable air release vacuum protection and surge protection for water and sewage pipelines.

Headquartered in Geneva, Ill., all Vent-Tech/IVM products are American Made and carry a 10-year warranty. Vent-Tech prides itself in bringing solutions, service and technology to the market place . Their philosophy is simple – provide the best solution at the lowest cost, including life-time ownership costs, not simply the first time investment cost.

Vent Tech Model SSG – Sewage Short Light Weight Valve

The Vent-Tech Model SSG sewer valve is essentially a shorter version of the Model SWG air/vacuum relief valve, but with improved flow performance, less weight and better self-cleaning. In applications where clearance height is ample or valve weight is not a factor, specify the Model SWG valve, otherwise we recommend specifying the Model SSG.

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