Safety Relief Valves

Safety & Relief Valve Experts – Sales, Testing, Certification and Service

Our safety valve experts provide our customers with the right information and maintain a large inventory of valves and parts.

Safety valves are used in a variety of applications, including air/gas, vapor, steam and liquid service.  Flotech has been approved by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors to perform safety and relief valve testing, repair and certification.

Our valve experts will focus on getting your valves tested, repaired and quickly set to the exact specifications.  We evaluate the repair condition of every valve and will recommend the right solution to manage your maintenance program.

Factory Authorized Relief Valve Assembly and Safety Valve Facility

Farris- Consolidated- Anderson Greenwood – Crosby – Kunkle – Varec

ASME and National Board certified shop with a steam boiler always available for quickly setting your valves to reduce your downtime.

Safety Relief Valve Repair, Replace, Rebuild Services

  • Online safety valve field testing at your plant
  • New safety and safety relief valves for same day shipment
  • Rebuilt safety relief valves for fast turnaround
  • Safety valve discs, disc holders, soft goods kits, springs, conversion kits and bellows assemblies in stock
  • Air and Liquid Test Benches for Safet Valves
  • Boiler Steam Testing Relief Valves to 1750 Psi
  • Safety Valve Repair Services to support Maintenance Outage Requirements

Minimize Your Downtime AccuTEST Safety Valve Test System

Field Testing Safety and Relief Valves

Flotech uses portable Accutest and AVK testing equipment to verify the set pressure of safety and safety relief valves in-line, without having to shut down a system or unit. By applying force to the valve spindle, coupled with system pressure, and a “true” effective area, specifications are acquired, processed, stored, and printed.

  • Test safety valves while in position, under a full load.
  • Unsurpassed accuracy, reliability and safety, with consistently reproducible results.
  • Eliminates the possibility of human error throughout every stage of operation.

Valve Information Portal Online Test Reports

Checkout Flotech’s Valve Information Portal (VIP) where you can track your safety and relief valve repair history and test reports online.

Valve Information Portal (VIP) 

Safety Valve Test Stand Preparing for a Steam Test

Relief Valves Ready to Return to a Customer

Relief Valve Inspection