Cash Safety Valve

For pressure regulating and back-pressure, Emerson’s Cash Valve brand offers products for steam, air, gas, liquid, and cryogenic applications.

Cash Valve provides highly engineered pressure regulating and back pressure valves along with cost effective custom packages for OEM engineered applications for industrial and commercial customers who require mechanical control of pressure.

Cash Valve provides product from cryogenic through high temperature for Steam, Air, Gas, and Liquid applications meeting tight shut-off and extended service life. Cash Valve provides code certifications that meet various global standards such as PED, TPED, and Chinese as well as non-code requirements.

Cash A Series Pressure Regulators

Single seated and self-actuating compact diaphragm-type regulators covering a wide range of designs and operating pressures A series regulators are suitable for a variety of applications with water, air, oil,

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Cash C-776 Safety Valves

A full lift ASME Section VIII air/gas and cryogenic, UV National Board certified safety valve suitable for cryogenic service Protects piping, storage tanks, and process equipment used in the distribution

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Cash Valve B Series pressure regulators

Single seated, spring loaded, direct-acting diaphragm-type pressure-reducing and regulating valves for a broad range of services B series pressure-reducing valves and regulators include models suitable for air, water, steam, oil,

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