Lundberg Relief Valve Repair

Valve Repairs for A.H. Lundberg, Inc. Pressure Vacuum Relief Valves

Flotech valve technicians have been repairing Lundberg relief valves at paper mills throughout the US for decades.

After noticing major lift problems during the installation of the AH Lundberg valves, Flotech designed a Mid-Point Mounting Bracket that distributes the weight evenly during the lift.  This allows for a straight lift , easy installation and has become a standard on all Lundberg valves being repaired.

Flotech also conducts an Ultrasound Test on the Lift Arms of the Lundbergs to ensure the thickness is agreeable to factory standards and the product poses no additional safety concerns.

Sizes 10- 24 ”

*The Lundberg Pressure-Vacuum Relief Valve is sized to suit the installation. The proper operation of this device is dependent upon mounting on a flat, square, and true companion flange. Valve size is an indication of connecting flange of ANSI class 150 standard drilling. Normally supplied for horizontal mounting, the valve can be supplied on special order for either right or left side vertical connection.

Valves can also be supplied for pressure only or vacuum only.

For kraft mill service, the valve body and disc are constructed of T-304L stainless steel.

For sulfite mill service, the unit is of T-316L stainless steel body and disc. Weights are of mild steel.
The disc seats are of EPDM. Other materials are available upon request.

*Source:  A.H. Lundberg Inc. website