Safety Valves

A safety valve is a valve which has the function of increasing the safety of a thermal-hydraulics plant. An example of safety valve could be a pressure safety valve (PSV), i.e. a pressure relief valve (PRV) which automatically releases a substance from a boiler, pressure vessel, or other system, when the pressure or temperature exceeds preset limits. Also pilot-operated relief valves could have the function of safety valves.

Vacuum safety valves (or combined pressure/vacuum safety valves) are used to prevent a tank from collapsing while it is being emptied.

Cash A Series Pressure Regulators

Single seated and self-actuating compact diaphragm-type regulators covering a wide range of designs and operating pressures A series regulators are suitable for a variety of applications with water, air, oil,

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Cash C-776 Safety Valves

A full lift ASME Section VIII air/gas and cryogenic, UV National Board certified safety valve suitable for cryogenic service Protects piping, storage tanks, and process equipment used in the distribution

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Cash Valve B Series pressure regulators

Single seated, spring loaded, direct-acting diaphragm-type pressure-reducing and regulating valves for a broad range of services B series pressure-reducing valves and regulators include models suitable for air, water, steam, oil,

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Farris 2600 Relief Valve

Conforms to API 526 Full Nozzle Design Integral Cast Flanges Metal Seat with optional O-ring Balanced Bellows option Open Bonnet and Lever Assemblies option Adjustable Blowdown 2600L – Multiple Service

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Kunkle 6252 and 6254

Applications: Steam Boilers and Generators. Pressure Reducing Stations. Air/Gas Compressors – reciprocating or rotary. Pressure Vessels – including tanks, receivers, intercoolers, oil/gas separators, and lines. Pressure and Temperature LimitsModel 6252:

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Kunkle Relief Valve Series 6000

Applications: Steam Boilers and Generators. Air/Gas Compressors – reciprocating or rotary – portable or stationary, intercoolers and aftercoolers. Pressure Vessels – containing steam, air, or non-hazardous gas. Including tanks, receivers,

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