Kunkle 6252 and 6254

Applications: Steam Boilers and Generators. Pressure Reducing Stations. Air/Gas Compressors – reciprocating or rotary.

Pressure Vessels – including tanks, receivers, intercoolers, oil/gas separators, and lines.

Pressure and Temperature Limits
Model 6252: 10 psig to 250 psig [0.7 barg to 17.2 barg]; -20°F to 406°F [-28°C to 208°C]

ASME Section I Steam and ASME Section VIII, Air, Steam and Gas “UV” National Board Certified. Model 6254 ASME Section IV “HV,” National Board Certified. PED Certified for Non-Hazardous Gas.

Model Descriptions
Model 6252: Cast iron, enclosed spring, SS trim.
Model 6254: Same as model 6252 except certified for ASME Code Section IV – Low pressure steam heating boilers. Set 15 psig [1.0 barg] only. J through P orifice only. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Heavy-duty construction of high-quality cast iron with Stainless Steel (SS) semi-nozzle trim and disc.
  • Bolted bonnet design for easy maintenance.
  • Seats lapped to optical flatness.
  • Dual control rings offer easy adjustability for precision opening with minimum pre-open or simmer and exact blowdown control.
  • Heavy duty lift lever assembly.
  • All adjustments are factory-sealed to prevent tampering or disassembly.
  • Each Kunkle valve is tested and inspected for pressure setting and leakage.

Specs & Brochures