About Us

Flotech began as Gulf Atlantic Valve in 1961 with a small dedicated crew repairing valves in Florida for marine and industrial customers. Service and actuation work on valves has always been the core of our business. Soon after we purchased the Space Castings foundry business to provide high temperature metal castings for local mills.

Our foundry product line expanded to include specialty valves, boiler parts and fittings. W&O Engineering was next – a tube and re-tube operation equipped to repair, clean or build new heat exchangers, condensers and chillers.

With the combination of valve expertise, in-house foundry capabilities and complete tube services we were becoming a  true full service center for our customers’ requirements.  Our reputation for high quality valve service led to opportunities beyond our home base in Jacksonville, Florida. A second manual and safety valve servicing facility was opened in Charleston, SC and a third facility in Mobile, Alabama.

We acquired Southern Valve in Charleston to repair and re-manufacture control valves. Complementing our service work we have added a new valve and automation division, committed to stocking and delivering factory new valves, actuation and parts. The valve, foundry, tube, and fabrication businesses were consolidated under the Flotech name in 1975.

Today Flotech provides valve repair, tube repairs, safety valve certification, actuation, control valve repair and new valves from locations throughout the Southeast. We are committed to providing excellent customer service, a dependable and trained team of technicians, and the best products in the industry.

Please stop by and let us show you how we provide high-quality service and support for our customers.