Morin Actuators

Morin actuators manufactures a wide variety of scotch yoke actuators in corrosion resistant configurations to offer customers superior performance in harsh environments.

Morin actuators are used for the remote control of ball, butterfly, rotary plug or damper style valves in the chemical process, off-shore marine, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and power industries. Morin actuators can be offered for pneumatic, high pressure pneumatic or hydraulic service. Morin also designs control package solutions to meet unique valve automation requirements, such as quick acting valve automation, partial stroke testing and SIL3 capable systems. Flotech is a Morin actuator distributor with inventory.

Morin Actuator Series S

Technical data Supply pressure: 40 to 160 psig (see torque charts MORMC-0333) Supply medium: Air or any gas compatible with materials of construction Temperature rating Standard range: -20°F to 210°F

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