Limitorque Actuators

Flowserve Limitorque: the only actuator brand you need to know for world-class actuator solutions.

Flotech is an authorized Limitorque Blue Ribbon Parts and Service Center and a Limitorque Stocking Distributor for all Limitorque actuator products.

For more than 85 years, Limitorque actuators have been making flow control easier for a broad range of customer applications. These actuators are world-class devices used to consistently drive multi-turn and quarter-turn industrial valves and dampers, providing years of dependable service.

The Limitorque brand, which for scores of years has been the trademark of customers’ trust when safe, reliable, and robust performance was demanded from electric actuators, is now available in heavy-duty, scotch yoke pneumatic actuators.

Flowserve Limitorque: the only actuator brand you need to know for world-class actuator solutions.

Flowserve Limitorque Valve, Actuation and Instrumentation Portfolio.

Catalog Download:  fls-1002-ea4

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Limitorque LTQ Electric Actuator

The Limitorque LTQ compact, quarter-turn electric actuator delivers superior reliability and performance through its industry-proven epicyclic locking gear set design. It is ideal for applications that require a simplistic, non-networked,

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Limitorque QX Electronic Valve Actuator

The Flowserve Limitorque QX quarter-turn smart electronic valve actuator continues the legacy of the industry’s state-of-the-art, non-intrusive, multi-turn MX actuator by including an absolute encoder for tracking position without the

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Limitorque SMB Actuator

The Flowserve Limitorque SMB electric actuator is designed for critical and severe service applications in nuclear and thermal power, water, oil & gas industries. Limitorque SMB Series Standards: AWWA C542

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Limitorque WG Series Gear Boxes

The Flowserve Limitorque WG series of worm gearboxes are designed for quarter-turn butterfly, ball, and plug valve applications as well as quarter-turn and multi-turn dampers, and offer unsurpassed quality and

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MXB Electric Actuator

The Limitorque® MX Series B (MXb) non-intrusive, multi-turn, smart electric actuator offers superior reliability, enhanced analytics, and an improved user experience. It is designed for application versatility and tackles the

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