Mueller Waterworks

Mueller Co. is North America’s largest and only full-line supplier of potable Water Distribution Products. Mueller products are used throughout the water system from source to customer.

Most water distribution systems have areas where there are water lines that may not have sufficient demands to keep the detention time short enough to maintain minimum disinfectant residuals. Hydro-Guard® monitors water quality in distribution piping and automatically initiates flushing as necessary to maintain disinfectant residuals as required by the US EPA.

Hydro Guard Automatic Flushing System
The Hydro-Guard® product line revolutionised the water distribution industry in 1998. As a pioneer in automated programmable flushing, Hydro-Guard products allow public and private water distribution utilities to maintain more consistency in the level of chlorine residual, especially at dead ends. The Hydro-Guard® automatic flushing system utilises a time-based schedule to flush when water usage is traditionally lower or when the residual level is at its lowest.

50 Series Automatic Flushing System

AUTOMATIC FLUSHING SYSTEMS The Hydro-Guard® Automatic and S.M.A.R.T. Flushing product family offers industry-leading, reliable designs to address a range of utility needs and community concerns. Traditional routine flushing programs can

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HG-2 flushing system

HG-2 is available in both a low and a high-profile design. The HG-2 flushing system is designed for use in warm to moderate climates. The discharge water is directed to

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Hydro-Guard HG-1 Flushing System

The dependable Hydro-Guard HG-1 Flushing System was first introduced to the Water industry in 1998. This automatic and programmable flushing solution is ideal for areas in the distribution network where

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Hydro-Guard HG-8

Unlike any other automated flushing solution on the market, the patented Hydro-Guard HG-8 for Cold Climates utilizes the proven technology of the Mueller Thermal-Coil meter box to place all of

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Hydro-Guard HG-8 Warm Climate

Unlike any other automated flushing solution on the market, the Hydro-Guard HG-8 for Warm Climates utilizes a superior grade 24-inch bury meter vault to house and protect the HG-8’s wetted

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