Hydro-Guard HG-1 Basic Flushing System

The dependable and economical Hydro-Guard HG-1 Basic Flushing System offers automatic and programmable flushing capabilities similar to other Hydro-Guard products. The HG-1 Basic model has a choice of 1-inch or 1.5-inch low-flow diaphragm valves, making this device an excellent match for many rural and small mainline-size applications.

Designed for use with an integrated multi-event programmer, the HG-1 Basic unit can be programmed to flush a water line multiple times per day, seven days per week, with flush durations ranging from one minute to 4-hours per program. The available remote handheld programmer can be used to set multiple Hydro-Guard devices.

The Hydro-Guard HG-1 Basic unit’s control valve, programmer, and self-draining low-pressure relief valve are located approximately 18” below grade making this model best suited for use in warm to moderately cold climates. It features diffusing vents designed to dissipate energy while enhancing the system’s stability. The venting, along with the unit’s splash plate, helps to minimize erosion from the flushed water being discharged. Also, the HG-1 Basic unit can be equipped with an OEM-installed dechlorination system that is designed specifically for the device and built to meet local, state, and federal standards for the dechlorination of the discharged water.

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