Cash C-776 Safety Valves

A full lift ASME Section VIII air/gas and cryogenic, UV National Board certified safety valve suitable for cryogenic service Protects piping, storage tanks, and process equipment used in the distribution of industrial gases against damage caused by liquefied gas expansion. Ideal for oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen, and other industrial gases.

  • Ideal for cryogenic service to -320°F (-195°C).
  • Kel-F® soft seat disc ensures positive reseating and leak-tight seal.
  • Full lift maximum discharge capacity.
  • Unobstructed flow through top-guided design.
  • Pressure-tight dome.
  • Stainless steel springs as standard. Inconel® springs are supplied for higher pressures.
  • All parts are commercially cleaned for oxygen service.
  • Built to ASME Code Section VIII for cryogenic service.
  • Rated capacity: 110% of set pressure.

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