Vent Tech Model SDG – Sewage Short Valve

Vent-Tech Model SDG sewer valve is essentially a shorter version of the zero pressure sealing Model SZG combination air/vacuum relief valve. In low-pressure applications where clearance height is ample, specify the Model SZG valve, otherwise, we recommend specifying the Model SDG.

The shortest Flat Float Valve Experience will Permit!

  • Low-Pressure Sealing (1 PSI min)
  • Compact Design
  • Improved Self-Flushing Design
  • Improved Air-Flow
  • Surge Protection
  • Enhanced Wear Resistance
  • Protect Pipeline From Collapse Due To Vacuum
  • Column Separation Protection
  • Durable, Reliable, and Proven Design
  • Low Maintenance Construction – 316L SS
  • Efficient, Effective, and High Value – Best in Class!
  • Patented Design Features

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