S-Series Ball Valve

Remington’s S-Series line is specifically designed for use in power-generating services. Quarter-turn efficiency combined with durable, long-lasting coated surfaces allows customers an affordable alternative to steam services.


½ – 36 “ (2-3 PIECES)


150-4500 ANSI CLASS


  • Critical Isolation
  • Vents
  • Drains
  • Blocks
  • Specifically Designed for Power Applications

The S-Series is our economic valve designed for power generation/steam applications. The S-Series is a unibody design that incorporates all of the aspects of our metal seated ball valve sealing technology.

The ball and seat are the same base material, meaning they thermally expand at the same rate and hold the sealing area intact. The design eliminates gaskets or joints in the valve, reducing the chance of gasket leaks or seal leaks.

The S-Series features live-loaded packing, anti-extrusion, lever-operated handles, worm gears, and an ISO mounting pattern on the mounting pad for actuation. The double collar dual blowout proof stem construction design on this product prevents any chance of the stem blowing out of the valve. A lever or a T-handle is included for easy operation in tight areas in limited space areas. Our flow path through the valve is optimized to give the maximum Cv possible through the given bore sizes.

The valve is easily automated serving the power industry with compact design, and it is the most economical valve to use in steam services in power generation applications.

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