E-Series Relief Valve

Remington Valve E-Series relief valves provide security and overpressurization protection in an automated package.


½ – 36 “ (2 OR 3 PIECE)


150-4500 LBS


  • Critical Isolation
  • Automatic Relief Valve (ARV)
  • Block Isolation (IBV)
  • Electronic Relief Valve (ERV)
  • Over Pressurization Protection

The E-Series Valve is designed for overpressurization protection. It acts as a pressure-reducing option before discharging main relief valve operations. The E-Series valve is designed to handle the pressures generated by boiler systems and provides tight shutoff in critical applications. The valve is customized for customer flow requirements and provides sufficient flow without the possibility of a choke situation.

E-Series valves are equipped with actuation that is designed with additional safety factors to ensure operation under severe conditions. The automated package also includes siphon tubes, transducers, and an automated control station with local controls optional. Feedback to the control room is a set standard on all packages. The set pressure is programmed by the customer to provide the optimal level of protection needed for the valve.

The I-Series is the block valve that isolates the E-Series valve for servicing. It is the same tight shutoff design expected from the E-Series application. This allows service to the silencer/exhaust, or the automated relief valve itself. Packages are available to suit customers face-to-face and piping material.

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