Butterfly Valves Saltwater Model V3-06 V

ValPro WAGUNIT hard vulcanized dual offset butterfly valves. Double eccentric.

These valves are suitable for seawater and saltwater applications, in particular where corrosion poses a problem. They are particularly suited to desalination – and power plants operating with seawater. As these valves are welded in construction, they can be delivered with flange standards according to
client requirements.

The WAGUNIT rubber is vulcanized to the valve body, disc, and shaft, – to effectively seal the metal construction from any contact with the medium.

The hardness of the rubber liner of most centric butterfly valves is around 70 Shore A (approx 30 Shore D). Our WAGUNIT vulcanized lining has a hardness of 78 Shore D.

The very high hardness of WAGUNIT provides unsurpassed protection from damage by medium or contained contaminants. This significantly improves the bottom line through less frequent maintenance and plant shut-downs. The replaceable WAGUNIT sealing ring greatly simplifies any required maintenance.

Medium: Sea Water, Saltwater, Potable Water, Wastewater

Max Working Temperature: 140 °F,60 °C

OperatingPressures: PSI 87/145/232/363/580, Bar 6/10/16/25/40

Nominal Sizes: Inches 4” – 120”, Millimeters 100 – 3000 mm

Operation: Gearbox and handwheel, gearbox and electric actuator, electrohydraulic and weights, pneumatic

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