Category: Limitorque Actuators

Limitorque QX Electronic Valve Actuator

The Flowserve Limitorque QX quarter-turn smart electronic valve actuator continues the legacy of the industry’s state-of-the-art, non-intrusive, multi-turn MX actuator by including an absolute encoder

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MXB Electric Actuator

The Limitorque® MX Series B (MXb) non-intrusive, multi-turn, smart electric actuator offers superior reliability, enhanced analytics, and an improved user experience. It is designed for

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Limitorque WG Series Gear Boxes

The Flowserve Limitorque WG series of worm gearboxes are designed for quarter-turn butterfly, ball, and plug valve applications as well as quarter-turn and multi-turn dampers,

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Limitorque SMB Actuator

The Flowserve Limitorque SMB electric actuator is designed for critical and severe service applications in nuclear and thermal power, water, oil & gas industries. Limitorque

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