Conval Steam Whisperjet Valve

In normal service valves, high-pressure drops introduce severe erosion and wear. The Conval globe valve receives the high-pressure inlet streamDischarge is through a series of multi pressure reduction stages called Whisperjets. Each Whisperjet section has four or six orifices around its perimeter. The orifices discharge inwardly, allowing the flow streams to impinge on each other rather than on the valve or sections themselves. These Whisperjets are designed to prevent sonic flow and critical pressure drops from occurring. By reducing the pressure in stages, cavitation, erosion, fluid velocity and sound level are minimized.

  • High Pressure Drop
  • Virtually No Part Erosion
  • Flexible Number of Stages
  • Lower Noise
  • Save Component Wear

Standard Sizes

Pre Application Requirements

Pressure Rating

ASME Class through 4500#

Standard Forging ASME Materials

SA105, SA182-F22, SA182-F91, SA182-F92, SA182-F316
Other materials available upon request


SW, BW Ends


Standalone or with Angle, T, or Y pattern Valves


Long Device Life

With the Whisperjet, steam impinges upon itself to reduce pressure as it flows through a series of multi-pressure reduction stages. Pressure drop does not rely solely on a tortuous path like most pressure letdown devices; thus, there is virtually no part erosion, which you would commonly see in orifice plates or other pressure letdown devices.

Longer System Life

When Whisperjets are used in conjunction with a valve or other system components, the seat life of the valve is substantially increased. When used before a condenser or flash tank, baffle and tank wear are greatly reduced.


Whisperjets have been installed in industrial applications around the world for over twenty-five years. They are proven to be rugged and reliable in high-pressure environments.

Reduced Noise

Each section has four to six orifices around its perimeter. The orifices discharge inwardly, which reduces the steam pressure without causing component wear. Pressure is reduced in stages, which prevents a critical pressure drop. Each stage is progressively larger, allowing the steam to expand. The orifices are sized to keep the flow of steam below critical velocity. This gives the advantage of reduced noise.


Due to their simple, practical design and operation, Whisperjets are low-cost solutions to velocity problems.


The number of Whisperjet stages may be varied for almost any flow requirement. Our engineering department will work with you to custom-specify a Whisperjet to meet your needs.

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