Double Block & Bleed Plug Valve

To achieve the Double Block and Bleed combination, a drainage connection into the plug cavity is added by drilling and tapping through the bottom of the valve body. FluoroSeal® Double Block and Bleed valves offer a 1/2” (12.7 mm) drain connection as standard, but other sizes can also be provided.

Long gone is the need for expensive double-block and bleed systems. FluoroSeal® Double Block and Bleed Valves provide isolation on your line without the combined cost of a complex, multi-valve system.

FluoroSeal® Plug Valves offer double port seals in both directions as well as sealed isolation of the chamber below the plug and the areas around the plug at 90° to the port openings. A single valve can isolate either upstream or downstream, thus eliminating the need for the traditional two double-block valves — a definite reduction in cost and maintenance, especially in processes involving large-diameter lines.

Flexibility in connection size, length, and variety in availability, means that no matter what your space or process, a FluoroSeal® Double Block and Bleed valve will successfully fulfill your isolation needs.

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