Electric Portable Valve Actuator JA73

Battery-powered portable valve actuator Dedicated to the most demanding applications!

Thanks to the Modec JA73 robustness and high autonomy batteries, the JA73 Modec electric portable valve actuator is able to deliver high power for more than one hour continuously. It does not depend on any energy source (electric plug or compressed air network) and can operate freely anywhere.

Much more powerful than its little brother (MC89), it can deliver high speed and high torque simultaneously, which makes it the perfect tool for heavy-duty jobs. Extremely robust, it has an integrated clutch system that protects the operator and the equipment, even if a valve is completely blocked.

The ergonomic control handle allows the display and control of the many actuator and battery functions and parameters in a simple and intuitive way.

The integrated electronic torque limiter (available as standard on all models) allows it to adapt to any configuration and further improves the safety of the user and the equipment.

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