Extruder Rupture Disc Device 

Extruder, Forward Acting Size Range 3/16 – 5 in 4.5 – 127 mm Burst Pressure Range 1,500 – 50,000 PSIG 103.4 – 3448 BARG 105.46 – 3515 KG/CM2

The Fike Extruder Rupture Disc Device or ERD, also known as a Blow Out Plug, is a pressure relief device primarily designed for overpressure protection of plastic extrusion processes. Extruder Rupture Disc applications are unique, each requiring a specific combination of dimensions, threading and body configuration. Fike has a variety of standard Extruder Rupture Disc devices, and the capability to design and manufacture to customer specifications.

  • Higher pressures and temperature ratings may be achieved with a welded design.
  • Standard materials of construction are stainless steel for the body and Inconel® 600 for the rupture disc. Other materials are available upon request.

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