Fabricated Pressure Vessels

Basket Strainers Duplex Strainers Tee Strainers Temporary Strainers Spectacle Flanges and Blinds Identification Tags Cover & Flow Options Restriction Orifice Plates

“Made in the USA” isn’t just a marketing slogan for Titan.  Titan takes tremendous pride in knowing they are part of the industrial movement to bring manufacturing jobs and skills back to the USA.

Building the Future of Fabrication

State-of-the-art fabrication equipment including Waterjet Technology, Robotic Pipe Cutters, CNC Machines, and one-of-a-kind machines designed explicitly by Titan’s engineers.

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Fabricated products provide additional flexibility and design options for unique applications. Our highly experienced engineering team and fabrication department are customer-focused and detail-oriented, ensuring that a Titan fabricated product will not only meet the needs of your application but will be of the highest quality.

Titan FCI can provide fabricated products that are non-code, National Board Certified, ASME “U” Code Stamped, and ASME “UM” Code Stamped.