FluoroSeal Plug Valves SEVERE SERVICE (FE)

SEVERE SERVICE (FE)FluoroSeal Inc. developed the Severe Service (FE) Sleeved Plug Valve for tight emission control. Intended for applications in processes involving thermal cycling or a high number of mechanical operations. This compact but robust package is based on the standard FluoroSeal® Sleeved Plug Valve design combined with other proven seal technologies. Extensive field experience has demonstrated this valve’s ability to perform in a variety of severe applications.FluoroSeal® Severe Service (FE) Valves have one of the best fugitive emissions test results on the market, as demonstrated by independent lab testing.

FluoroSeal® Lined Plug Valves use high precision investment casting method for all major pressure holding components. The standard base model offers:

  • Carbon Steel body, plug, and cover (ASTM A216 Gr. WCB).
  • Low porosity PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy) as standard liner
  • All cast parts have an acrylic-based coating prior to lining for added protection from corrosion attack due to permeation


  1. Bi-directional in-line bubble-tight seal independent of line pressure
  2. Multiple external bubble-tight seals independent of line pressure
  3. Direct mechanical three-point adjustment independent of line pressure
  4. Independent travel stops
  5. Full encapsulation and retention of all leading edges of PTFE sleeve and top seal components
  6. Full lip at port openings protects PTFE sleeve
  7. Contoured waterway ensures minimum flow turbulence characteristic
  8. No body cavities to entrap flow media
  9. Positive flow direction indication
  10. Drilled and tapped flange actuation-mounting pads independent of cover and top seal assembly. This feature is optional on lever-operated valves (1/2″ thru 4″) in HASTELLOY®, INCONEL®, Titanium, and Zirconium alloys

FluoroSeal® Lined Plug Valves feature an unpigmented virgin PFA lining applied by Transfer Molding and locked into castings by machined dovetail-shaped grooves, and cast dovetail-shaped recesses in body castings and cast holes.

  • Prevents liner collapse in vacuum conditions
  • Prevents blowout in high temperature and pressure combined conditions
  • Transfer Molding ensures equal distribution and consistency of liner throughout the entire surface of the lined components as per ASTM F1545
  • No weak sections in the valve liner
  • All liner defects are directly visible

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