Fluoroseal Sleeved Plug Valve Multiport

The bolt-on Fully Jacketed Plug Valve with standard flanges eliminates the need to oversize piping flanges, translating into tremendous savings for the user. Among other features, the ease of installation allows any FluoroSeal® Plug Valve to be retrofitted in-line in the process. FluoroSeal® Plug Valves are also available with Partial Steam Jackets. Choose according to the application requirements. There are no limits to the possibilities: all FluoroSeal® valves in all trim materials are available in either two-way or multiport versions, with partial or full jackets. DIN Fully Jacketed Plug Valves are available upon request.

Flow is indicated by the arrow(s). When rotating plugs FA2, FA3, or FA4 a transflow condition exists at all times. Only position B in plugs FA1 and FA5 will provide a complete shutoff condition. Valves will be supplied with quarter-turn (90°) operators as standard. Should a half-turn (180°) operator be needed, please specify.

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