HO / HOV Rupture Disc

Composite, Forward-acting Size Range 1 – 48 in 25-1200 mm Burst Pressure Range 1.5 – 6000 PSIG 0.10 – 413.7 BARG 0.11 – 421.84 KG/CM2

The cost-effective HO Rupture Disc is a composite disc consisting of two components, the seal member and a slotted top that controls the burst pressure. With a fluoropolymer seal, this cost-effective rupture disc is a corrosion-resistant, low-pressure solution. The HOV Rupture Disc (high operating and vacuum) includes the addition of a vacuum support under the seal member.

  • In addition to the typical seal materials, available tantalum, titanium or other precious metals may be used when dealing with corrosive media.
  • 80% Operating Ratio
  • Gas or liquid service
  • Full vacuum rating (HOV)
  • Excellent corrosion resistance

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