Hydraulic Power Units

Self-contained Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) are designed to operate single or multiple hydraulic valve actuators. These units can be electrically motor-driven, pneumatically motor-driven, or both. Provide motive power and control logic to operate either single or multiple hydraulic rotary and linear valve actuator systems. Full PLC control is available with all common communication protocols supported.

These Hydraulic Power Units are designed to meet specific customer requirements including the monitoring of pressures, levels, and flow rates. The units can also include redundant sub-systems, motor starters, and bespoke local electrical control and indication. Stand-alone units that use solar panels and require no local utilities are also available.

Centralized Hydraulic Power Units are designed to operate several valve actuators and hydraulic products where it is practical to centralize the hydraulic supply. These Hydraulic Power units can include all the features described for the self-contained hydraulic power packs.

All hydraulic power packs supplied are designed to allow ease of maintenance and to suit all specific operating fluids. Each unit is supplied flushed clean to NAS1638 Class 6 (ISO 4406: Code 17/15/11).

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