ICoT Smart Positioners

Technical data Intrinsically safe Area classification (ATEX/IEC/INMETRO) 5000 series Ex ia IIC T4

  • Enclosure standards (IEC)
  • 5000 series IP66
  • Enclosures
  • 5000 series Engineered resin
  • Communication protocol
  • 5200 None
  • 5300 HART
  • 5400 FOUNDATION Fieldbus™
  • 5500 Profibus PA™

Smart positioners with a single design to suit both spring-return and double-acting actuators for rotary and linear valves. Available with HART® communication protocol, FOUNDATION Fieldbus™ and Profibus PA™ network capability.

Features & Benefits:

  • 3-button interface and LCD for easy calibration and information display.
  • Easy configuration of split range and reverse-acting operation.
  • Easy access to the wiring terminal.
  • Non-contact valve position measurement via Hall Effect sensor. Eliminates the need for drive arms, and linkages and increases overall resolution, accuracy, and reliability.
  • Advanced auto-calibration.
  • Valve speed is adjustable via microprocessor control.
  • Available with optional dry contact limit switches.
  • Optional 4-20 mA position feedback transmitter – HART version only.
  • High-flow spool valve option for larger actuator/valves. Eliminates the need for volume boosters in some applications.
  • Highly visible position indicator for rotary applications.
  • Easily accommodates large stroke valves, such as knife gates.
  • Fully compatible with AMS™ software and DTM.
  • Engineered resin enclosure is robust yet lightweight with exceptional chemical, UV, and impact resistance.

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