Limitorque Announces New Electric Actuator MX B Series


The next generation in smart actuation

Electric actuators have to perform reliably in severe environments and harsh conditions. Actuator failure can compromise valve performance, plant productivity and employee safety.

The Limitorque MXa electric actuator has been the industry standard since its introduction in 1997. The MXb actuator is Limitorque’s next-generation, high-performance unit, offering superior reliability, precision, enhanced analytics, and a streamlined user experience

.The Limitorque MXb electric actuator is designed to perform across a broad range of tough applications where reliability is critical, including oil and gas; commercial power; chemical; fresh and wastewater; and general industries.

Improved reliability

The actuator’s design isolates critical components, protecting them from electrical shock and interference, which are common risks in extreme environments. High-quality materials extend actuator service life, operating ranges and mean time between failure.

Enhanced user experience

An updated user interface coupled with a simplified, intuitive menu structure and larger, high-resolution LCD screen makes navigation easy and enables 50% faster commissioning, setup and operation. Users of any skill level can configure the actuator through a variety of pre-configured or customization options for quick and error-free setup and operation. A larger, higher-resolution LCD display with a built-in ambient light sensor offers eight times the resolution of the previous display to extend viewing distances up to 30 feet. Real-time torque graphs, alarm and event logs, and other data are accessible in higher-quality resolution.

Advanced diagnostics and analytics

The MXb electric actuator’s next-generation diagnostics and analytics capabilities help operators monitor and track its performance and quickly respond to upset conditions. The MXb actuator has 500 times the memory capacity of the previous MX model, allowing increased data capture and storage for higher degrees of process monitoring, data logging, and information feedback. Additionally, a real-time clock allows data logs to be time-stamped in order to support asset management functions and lifecycle analysis.

Simplified maintenance

A new electric connector design removes the needs for brackets and hold-downs, making maintenance easier and faster. And the enhanced connector design ensures robust connectivity throughout the rated seismic and vibration envelope.