M5F Multi­Port Gauge Valves

A ¼” FNPT x (3) ¼” FNPT multi-port block valve for universal use wherever more than one outlet is required

M5F Multi­Port Gauge Valves Features:

  • Metal-to-metal body-to-bonnet seal in constant compression prevents bonnet thread corrosion, eliminates possible tensile breakage and gives a reliable seal point.
  • Rolled stem and bonnet threads provide additional strength.
  • Dust cover protects the stem from lubricant contamination.
  • Packing below threads prevents lubricant washout, thread corrosion, process contamination and eliminates galling.
  • The replaceable soft seat and can operate in dirty service with repetitive bubble-tight shutoff.
  • Easily adjustable PTFE packing decreases replacement downtime and increases valve life.
  • Mirror stem finish in the packing area provides smooth operation and extends packing life.
  • Safety back seating prevents stem blowout or accidental removal and provides a metal-to-metal secondary stem seal while in the fully open position.
  • The straight-through flow path means high flow capacity, bi-directional flow, and rodding capabilities.

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