Plug Valve Ballcentric

14” AND LARGER BALLCENTRIC® Plug Valve Henry Pratt Company’s criteria of quality, reliability, safety, and value are embodied in the Ballcentric® plug valve, setting higher standards for dependable performance with excellent features achieved by the utilization of the very latest design and manufacturing techniques. Computer-Aided Design High Integrity Casting CNC manufacturing delivers consistent sizes on all components

Plug Valve
All complemented by a rigorous Quality Control System


Conforming to AWWA C504 wall thickness, the Ballcentric® plug valve body casting is in ASTM A126 CL B cast iron using high-pressure molding techniques. Alternative flanged, grooved, or mechanical joint ends are available. Flange diameter, thickness, and drilling conform to ANSI B16.1 Class 125 or 250. Grooved ends meet AWWA C-606 for ductile or steel pipe. Mechanical joints to AWWA C111 (ANSI A21.11).


The Ballcentric® plug valve incorporates as standard, on 3″ and larger, a 1/8″ thick welded 99% nickel seat for corrosion and erosion resistance specifically profiled for low torque and extended seat life.


Supported on integral trunnions, the plug is totally encapsulated with an elastomer that is molded on 2-1/2″ – 48″ and vulcanized on 54″ and larger to the casting providing tight shut off even under vacuum conditions. High-integrity corrosion-free sealing is achieved by a variety of abrasion-resistant elastomers that protect the plug right up to the trunnions. When assembled, the light compression of the elastomers onto PTFE thrust washers prevents the entry of abrasive materials into the bearings.

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