Pratt EQ Series Electric Actuator


  • Compact and robust construction, lightweight while providing high output torque (Max 79,500in/lbs).
  • Wide range of torque variation (From min 800in/lbs to max 79,500in/lbs).
  • Hard anodized aluminum housing inside and outside with external powder coating for use against severe industrial environments.
  • Enclosure uses radial seals & O-rings that provide protection to waterproof IP67 (NEMA 4 & 6) and optional watertight IP68
  • Dual mounting base ISO5211 standard and KV standard.
  • Removable drive bushing for easy machining and mounting.
  • Self-locking is provided by double worm gearing (no brake required).
  • Auto-declutching manual override handwheel with pad-lockable auto/manual switchable lever.
  • Reliable Mechanical Torque-sensing system providing safe operation in overload conditions.
  • Large size windows and indicators provide better position indication from a distance.
  • A number of Local Position Control options to provide easy commissioning and field operation.
  • Digitalized control component

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