Pratt Figure 65 Resilient Seated Knife Gate Valve

Pratt® resilient seated knife gate valves range in size from 2” to 24” and are available in ductile iron or stainless steel. These valves are built to our exacting standards. Our dedicated staff has many years of combined experience in building knife gate valves, and they work hard to provide only the highest quality valves possible.


  • Heavy-duty cast ductile iron body, packing gland, and yoke for the most rugged service.
  • Heavy-duty solid lug body design.
  • The urethane liner and seat provide a bi-directional bubble-tight seal across the gate from 0 to 150 PSI.
  • The seat is flush with the bottom of the port, eliminating pockets in the bottom of the valve to collect material in media such as slurries, pellets, or powders.
  • Urethane liner is a one-piece, molded-in-place full-body liner with an integral seat for temperatures to 165?F.
  • Stainless steel gate and stem provide corrosion resistance and durability.
  • MSS SP-81 face-to-face and flange dimensions.
  • Easy conversion from handwheel operator to hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder, bevel gear, chain wheel, electric motor, or fail-safe spring cylinder operator using an existing cast yoke.
  • Enclosed bronze stem bushing provides reduced operating torque and protects the stem bushing in harsh environments.
  • Superior packing arrangement provides improved sealing performance in high-cycle applications.
  • The knife gate valve full packing seal around the gate minimizes the potential for packing leakage.
  • Minimum 4 bolt packing gland to assure proper gland alignment in all sizes.
  • Standard TFE lubricated synthetic packing (TLSP).
  • Time-proven urethane liner provides the best resistance in abrasive applications.
  • Knife Gate Valve Full Port ID.
  • MSS SP-81 Stainless Steel, Bonnetless, Flanged Knife Gate Valves.
  • CRN Registered.

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