StaiStainless Steel Spring Return and Double Acting Pneumatic Quarter-turn Actuatorsnless Steel Pneumatic Quarter-turn valve Actuators

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Morin Actuator Series S

Technical data Supply pressure : 40 to 160 psig (see torque charts MORMC-0333) Supply medium : Air or any gas compatible with materials of construction Temperature rating Standard range : -20°F to 210°F Optional range : -65°F to 300°F Angular rotation : 90 degrees ± 8 degrees

Stainless steel spring return and double acting pneumatic quarter-turn actuators Output torques to 240,000

Features & Benefits:

  • Innovative stainless steel construction as standard provides superior corrosion resistance both internally and externally.
  • Scotch yoke design using precision bearings eliminates dead band in the yoke mechanism, providing the greatest torque output at the beginning and end of stroke.
  • Heat-treated stainless steel thrust pin and rollers transfer piston force to
    17-4PH stainless steel yoke by rolling to reduce friction, for longer life and more efficient torque transmission.
  • Bi-directional travel stops provide accurate valve rotation adjustment.
  • PTFE piston bearings, piston rod bushings and output shaft bushings provide longer life, reduce maintenance, and require no lubrication.
  • Universal design position indicator and pointer allows for either parallel or perpendicular mounting.
  • Stainless steel construction allows proximity switches to be direct-mounted in the actuator housing, eliminating the need to mount bracket and cam assemblies on top of the actuator.
  • NAMUR drive slot allows mounting of accessories closer to the actuator, resulting in a more compact, precise assembly, and eliminates the need for coupling.
  • Spring return model design requires no special tools to safely and easily disarm the spring in the field, reducing down time and providing a ‘man safe’ spring.

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