Series 8540G Aluminum End-of-Line Pressure / Vacuum Breather Vent

The NEW Series 8540G Improved Performance, Aluminum, End-of-Line Pressure / Vacuum Breather Vent provides quicker pressure pallet lift and improved flow performance at low overpressures just above the relief set point. This provides the benefit of higher flows at lower overpressures which can be beneficial in storage tank vapor control schemes requiring tight operating bands with the tank’s emergency relief vents, tank blanketing valves, and other associated devices in their vapor control system.

  • Sizes 2″ (DN 50) through 12″ (DN 300)
  • Vents directly into the atmosphere
  • Settings achieved by weight loading
  • Higher pressure/vacuum settings available
  • ProFlow® Sizing/Selection Software
  • Patented, FEP Film “Air-Cushioned Seating”
  • Low-leak pallet design – certified test reports
  • “Steam-Jacketing” available
  • Pure-Tech® Design – high-purity applications

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