Series No. 18540 Pipe-Away Pressure / Vacuum Conservation Vent

Protectoseal Series No. 18540, Pipe-Away Pressure / Vacuum Conservation Vent, is designed to provide pressure and vacuum relief in applications that require hazardous vapors to be piped away, rather than released into the atmosphere. The pallets in the vent housing allow the intake of air and escape of vapors as the tank normally breathes in and out. Pallets open and close to permit only that intake or outlet relief necessary to remain within permissible working pressures and avoid tank damage. Relieving vapors may be piped away through a flanged connection one size larger than the inlet providing greater flow capabilities.

  • Sizes 2″ (DN 50) through 12″ (DN 300)
  • Even inlet-outlet models also available
  • Settings achieved by weight loading
  • Reduces costly evaporation losses
  • Non-metallic (Thermoplastic Resin & FRP) construction available
  • Higher pressure/vacuum settings available
  • ProFlow® Sizing/Selection Software
  • Pure-Tech® Design – high-purity applications
  • Patented, FEP Film “Air-Cushioned Seating”
  • Low-leak pallet design – certified test reports
  • “Steam-Jacketing” available
  • Conforms with the latest ATEX Directive and ISO 16852

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