Series No. 52600 Emergency Pressure Vacuum Relief

Protectoseal Series No. 52600 provides both emergency pressure relief and vacuum relief when installed on the manhole opening of a storage tank.

In emergency situations (external fire involvement of the tank), normal venting devices may be too small to prevent overpressurization of the tank. The Series No. 52600 provides the necessary pressure relief capacity to maintain the tank in a safe operating range. The integral vacuum vent provides additional protection against tank collapse due to excessive vacuum in the vapor space.

  • Sizes 16″ (DN 400) through 24″ (DN 600)
  • Vents directly into the atmosphere
  • Pressure settings achieved by weight loading
  • The vacuum vent is spring-loaded to relieve at a negative pressure of 1/2 oz./sq. in.
  • Reseats automatically
  • ProFlow® Sizing/Selection Software
  • Patented, FEP Film “Air-Cushioned Seating”
  • Low-leak pallet design – certified test reports
  • Conforms with the latest ATEX Directive and ISO 16852

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