Series No. 860 End-of-Line Rectangular Plate Flame Arresters

Protectoseal Series No. 860 End-of-Line Rectangular Plate Flame Arresters are installed where it is not necessary to conserve vapor losses but where low flash point liquids must be protected against fire and explosion from exterior sources of ignition.

The flame arrester element is mounted to the arrester housing but is easily removable to facilitate inspection and maintenance. These flame arresters are designed to provide maximum airflow consistent with operating efficiency, fire protection, and low-cost maintenance.

Suitable for Group D Vapors, such as gasoline and methane, as referenced in the National Electric Code (NEC Article 500), generally equivalent to International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Group IIA.

  • Sizes 2″ (DN 50) through 8″ (DN 200)
  • UL Listed in sizes 2″ through 8″
  • FM Approved in sizes 2″ through 6″
  • Arrester plates fabricated from heavy gauge metal
  • Positive flame arresting
  • Flanged connections are available in 2″, 3″, and 4″ sizes
  • Weatherhood easily removed for inspection of arrester element
  • Self-drainage of condensate
  • ProFlow® Sizing/Selection Software

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