Turbine Bypass Systems

Paladon Systems Turbine Bypass Systems protect steam turbines during start-up and shutdown operations, or in the event of a system abnormality. With power consumption far lower than competing system designs and able to operate using biodegradable fluid as standard, Paladon Systems’ turbine bypass system designs offer conventional power station operators an environmentally responsible valve automation solution with low OPEX.

Turbine Bypass Systems Key Features

  • Compact design for arduous duty
  • Customized to suit specification requirements
  • Operation of multiple control valves
  • Dual pumping system with auto changeover
  • Independent filtration with oil cooling as required
  • Direct-acting zero leakage solenoid valve for proportional control with accuracy and fast response
  • Failure modes to suit specification requirements
  • Manifold construction to eliminate pipework and increase system reliability and ruggedness
  • Independent hydraulic control mounted locally or onto each valve

Specs & Brochures