Yarway Steam Traps 711/721(Thermodynamic, Repairable)

Ratings: Design: 600 psig, 750°F Operating: 4 to 450 psig/750°F [0.3 to 31 bar/400°C] 711HP/721HP only

Design: 650 psig, 750°F
Operating: 150 to 650 psig/750°F [10.3 to 45 Bar/400°C]

Back pressure to 80% of inlet, psia

Universal Connector with the Series 701-UC-F2 (Disc Trap) UniBody Plus Steam Trap The new Yarway “All Position” Universal Connector is left in-line and the 701-F2 UniBody Plus Two-Bolt Adapter is bolted to it, permanently. Standard Yarway capsules are then installed in the 701-F2 UniBody Plus Two-Bolt Adapter. The 701-UC-F2 Series traps are designed to retrofit Armstrong, Sarco, and TLV traps utilizing “All Position” connectors.

To renew the trap merely remove the capsule from the adapter body, and install a new capsule of the same type – or a different type if the requirements of the application have changed. Trap renewal does not require the removal of the two flange bolts.

The Series 711/721 Unibody Plus disc trap is designed for light load applications such as steam tracing, steam line drip, and turbine drain. These traps are fully renewable in-line, energy efficient, and easy to check.

Features & Benefits:

  • Straightway body and has an integral wye strainer and blowoff valve.
  • Both bodies accept the same renewal capsules without removing the bodies from the line.
  • Standard capsule performs best when applied in service up to 450 psig. The HP capsule has been designed for 150-650 psig service to handle low-load superheat service conditions

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